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Agitator Bearing Assembly

Agitator Bearing Assembly – Part Number: H-43267002
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This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Upright Vacuum, Canister Vacuum.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX12067086
Manufacturer Part Number: H-43267002

Brand Model Number Description
Hoover1030Upright Vacuum - Convertible
Hoover1170Upright Vacuum - Dial-A-Matic
Hoover1176Upright Vacuum - Dial-A-Matic
Hoover1178Upright Vacuum - Dial-A-Matic
HooverC1065Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1067Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1069Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1085Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1091Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1111Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1121Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1123Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1125Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1403Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1404Upright Vacuum - Elite Vacuum
HooverC1405Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1407Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1414-900Upright Vacuum - Elite Vacuum
HooverC1415Upright Vacuum - Perfect For Hotels Vacuum
HooverC1425Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1429Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1431Upright Vacuum - Guardsman Vacuum
HooverC1433Upright Vacuum - Guardsman Vacuum
HooverC1439Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1498Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1498-020Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1499Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1499-020Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1515Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1525Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright