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Style 23 Belt

Style 23 Belt – Part Number: H-38528040
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This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Upright Vacuum.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX10334439
Manufacturer Part Number: H-38528040

Brand Model Number Description
HooverC1401Upright Vacuum - Industrial Upright
HooverC1404Upright Vacuum - Elite Vacuum
HooverC1409-910Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1413-910Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1413-930Upright Vacuum - Commercial Upright
HooverC1414-900Upright Vacuum - Elite Vacuum
HooverC1415Upright Vacuum - Perfect For Hotels Vacuum
HooverC1660-900Upright Vacuum - Commercial Twin Chamber
HooverC1700-900Upright Vacuum - Soft Guard Vacuum
HooverC1702-900Upright Vacuum - Soft Guard Vacuum
HooverC1710-900Upright Vacuum - Commercial Twin Chamber Vacuum
HooverCH50025Upright Vacuum - Elite Upright Vacuum
HooverU4245Upright Vacuum - Elite Upright
HooverU4245-030Upright Vacuum - Elite Upright
HooverU4245-930Upright Vacuum - Elite Upright
HooverU4247-016Upright Vacuum - Elite/ Legacy Upright
HooverU4247-900Upright Vacuum - Elite/ Legacy Upright
HooverU4253-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4256-900Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4257-930Upright Vacuum - Sprint Upright
HooverU4258-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4260-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4262-930Upright Vacuum - Sprint Upright
HooverU4264-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4266-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4266-960Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4268-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4270-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4270-940Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright
HooverU4272-930Upright Vacuum - Elite II Upright