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Fuel Line Grommet

Fuel Line Grommet – Part Number: 13211555930
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Part Description:
This is a fuel line grommet for your lawn equipment. It creates a seal at the opening where your fuel line and fuel tank connect. This is important because it prevents fuel and fumes from leaking out of your machine. There are three holes in this part for the vent tube, the fuel return line, and the fuel line. If there is visible damage to this part we advise replacing it and your fuel lines. A damaged grommet will allow fuel to leak from the tank, which is a hazard.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Trimmer, Leaf Blower / Vacuum, Pole Saw, Hedge Trimmer, Edger, Auger, Chipper Shredder.

Installation Instructions

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Replaced fuel tank/ fuel lines.

Remove fuel tank. Take. Noticed where fuel lines are connected. Install fuel lines into rubber grommet (use a little flat tip screwdriver or something to help push them thought.) Install screws to connect your gas tank and reconnect new lines to the carb where old lines where.

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Parts Used: Pipe-Fuel-3x6x170mm , Pipe-Return-3x6x60mm , Pipe-Vent , Filter-Air , Tank-Fuel , Fuel Line Grommet
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Total Repair Time: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: Brian from Dickinson, TX
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX8859648
Manufacturer Part Number: 13211555930

Brand Model Number Description
ShindaiwaAHS254Hedge Trimmer - Articulated Hedge Trimmer
EchoBRD-280Edger - Edger
ShindaiwaC242Brush Cutter - Brush Cutter
EchoCLS-5000Trimmer - Trimmer - Straight Shaft Clearing Saw
EchoDM-6120Sprayer - Sprayer
EchoEA-400Auger - Earth Auger
EchoEA-410Auger - Earth Auger
EchoEA-500Auger - Earth Auger
ShindaiwaEB633RTLeaf Blower / Vacuum - Backpack Power Blower
EchoEDR-260Engine - Engine Drill
EchoES-230Chipper Shredder - Shred 'N' Vac
EchoES-231Chipper Shredder - Shred 'N' Vac
EchoGT-230Trimmer - Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer
EchoGT-231Trimmer - Curved Shaft Grass Trimmer
EchoHC-155Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Trimmer
EchoHC-165Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper
EchoHC-185Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper
EchoHC-225Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper
EchoHC-235Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper
EchoHC-245Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper
EchoHCA-260Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper Articulating
EchoHCA-261Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper Articulating
EchoHCA-265Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Clipper Articulating
EchoHCA-266Hedge Trimmer - Articulating Hedge Trimmer
ShindaiwaLE254Edger - Lawn Edger
EchoMB-580Leaf Blower / Vacuum - Blower
EchoPAS-230Trimmer - Gas Power Source Attachement
EchoPAS-231Edger - Power Head Straight Shaft Edger Attachment
EchoPAS-260Trimmer - 24.5 cc Pro Attachment
EchoPas-2601Trimmer - Attachment Type 1E