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Directional Switch

Directional Switch – Part Number: WP777811
Directional Switch – Part Number: WP777811
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Part Description:
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This is a top limit and directional switch that is designed for use with trash compactors. This switch will interrupt the current that flows to the motor when the ram reaches the top of the compactor. When the ram reaches the top of the compactor this switch reverses the motor direction. You may have a problem with your switch if you compactor won?t stop running at the end of the cycle. Before you replace this part make sure you have unplugged your trash compactor.
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This part works with the following products:
Trash Compactor.

Installation Instructions

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Compactor had been worked on by repair company but would not stop running.

Followed the video instructions. Repair complicated by a metal shield requiring a nut driver that was hard to position. My initial switch replacement did not work as I did not position the long lever correctly. It has to go straight up to be correctly positioned. In my model, the screws go in from the left. The best was is to use some masking tape to hold the screws in the nut driver while working it behind the metal shield. Other that that, the directions and video were very helpful. My compactor works again! I could not replace it since it has a custom cut wood panel on it.

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Parts Used: Directional Switch
Difficulty Level: A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Nutdriver, Screw drivers
Customer: Jerry from Pleasanton, CA

Compactor would not compact

I removed the top cover and it has two (2) screws holding it with tabs at the rear that will slide out once the screws on the front are removed ,also the control panel has two screws holding it they, are at the bottom of the control panel, they can only be removed by removing the compactor drawer ,once this is done ,it is relatively easy to replace the Directional Switch because there is only two (2) screws holding the Directional Switch ,but you must be careful not to loose the strip of metal that the screws are screwed into once the screws are removed this piece of metal will fall, if you have a small magnet it will keep it from being lost.

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Parts Used: Directional Switch
Difficulty Level: Really Easy
Total Repair Time: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Socket set
Customer: Willard from EASTMAN, GA

Trash compactor would not stop after cycle and would make a ton of noise

I had a couple of problems with my trash compactor, it was present in the home when we bought it. First it wouldn't turn on, the on/off switch was broken so I replaced the switch and knob assembly. Then the unit would run through a cycle and wouldn't stop at the end and would make a loud banging noise. My directional switch was the suspect at first because it was in bad shape to begin with, looked like it had gotten stuck at some point and bent the arm. I replaced the directional switch and it didn't help. Then I realized that the on/off/start panel showed that the start button was stuck in the on position. This was delivering constant current and wouldn't allow the unit to stop. DON'T spend $150 for a new start/on/off panel. I took the panel off and separated the front from the back to expose the buttons from the inside. The start button was stuck so I took the parts out and reassembled them, they're all little plastic and metal pieces that interlink. After I reassembled the buttons' insides I reassembled the panel and reinstalled it. The unit works fine now.

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Parts Used: Directional Switch , Rotary Nut , SWITCH-OFF , On/Off Switch Knob
Difficulty Level: A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time: 30 - 60 mins
Tools: Nutdriver, Pliers, Screw drivers
Customer: Chad from Moreno Valley, CA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX11744742
Manufacturer Part Number: WP777811

Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAid4KUCC150S0Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC150S1Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC150S2Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC151T0Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC151T1Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC151T4Trash Compactor
Kenmore6221338550Trash Compactor
Kenmore6221358550Trash Compactor
Kenmore6221388550Trash Compactor
Kenmore6228369301NZTrash Compactor
Kenmore6228415001NOTrash Compactor
Kenmore6228416001GOTrash Compactor
Kenmore62284169900Trash Compactor
Kenmore6228419001GOTrash Compactor
Kenmore62284199910Trash Compactor
Kenmore62284199920Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651330590Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651336580Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651336581Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651336582Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651338550Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651338580Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651338581Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651338582Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651339580Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651339581Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651340590Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651340592Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651340593Trash Compactor
Kenmore6651340594Trash Compactor