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Control Pcb Assembly - Cst Type 9-pin – Part Number: SP0010507
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )
Control Pcb Assembly - Cst Type 9-pin – Part Number: SP0010507 https://fixcom.azureedge.net/Schematics/Breville/BOV800XL_WW_1.gif

Control Pcb Assembly - Cst Type 9-pin

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Fix Number: FIX12008683

Manufacturer #: SP0010507

Manufactured by: Breville

Works With Model BOV800XL

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Toaster Oven

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William from SALT LAKE CTY, UT
Parts Used:
Difficulty Level:
A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time:
1- 2 hours
Screw drivers
Control panel main button would frequently trigger temperature scale or convection fan options instead of its proper start function.
1. Remove all screws visible on the back panel.

2. Remove screws on the base of the oven, including screws holding the two plastic feet brackets. Keep the loose screws in their holes in the foot brackets since some of those screws are longer than the rest.

3. Flex the sides of the stainless outer panel and remove the rear panel. Be careful of sharp edges on the sheet metal.

4. With the rear panel removed, use a long screwdriver or extension with phillips to remove the four black screws you can see looking into the back of the oven on the control panel side.

5. Work the outer stainless panel to separate from the front edge of the oven. You can flex the sides and pull the panel free.

6. Disconnect the two electric connectors that attach to the control pad assembly.

7. The control pad assembly is held in place by one screw at the bottom. Remove that screw.

8. Remove the screws visible on the back side of the control pad assembly. Remove the metal L-bracket and the screws visible once it's out of the way. The white plastic back of the assembly can now be removed. Thread the electric ribbons and connectors through the slot as you remove it.

9. One screw holds the circuit board assembly in place. Remove the screw, then pull the corners of the board until each corner pops out of the standoff pegs that fit the four corner holes.

10. Be sure not to put fingerprints on the new board's LCD panel as you install it. Installation is the revers of the previous steps. Also, handle the board with care not to zap it with static electricity (ground yourself while touching the board).
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