Part Location Diagram of 66036-1 Whirlpool Hinge Pin Bushing
See part 13 in the diagram
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Hinge Pin Bushing

Works With Model DF15BE!
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No Longer Available

No Longer Available

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Works With Model DF15BE!

Product Description

This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This is a bushing used in the assembly of refrigerators. This bushing is used alongside the hinge pin, and is designed for use with a ? inch pin. Very simply a bushing is lining used in a round hole, it provides a bearing surface for a rotating part, in this case the hinge pin. You open and close the door of your fridge often, each time this part acts as a bearing and allows the door to swing in and out smoothly. Over time this bushing will wear down and need to be replaced. When it has worn down, or even fallen apart you might notice your door or is uneven, for instance your door may drop down when it is opened, and to close it you need to lift it up. This bushing is sold individually.