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Pusher Assembly

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Fix Number: FIX10243457
Manufacturer #: SKN06100AV
Manufactured by: Campbell Hausfeld

Product Description

This authentic OEM part has been sourced directly from Campbell Hausfeld. If your nail gun is skipping or misfiring, or is your nail gun cycles but no nails are coming out, then you might have a problem with the pusher assembly. This assembly is what pushes the nails along the magazine until they are fired. This pusher assembly kit includes everything you will need to properly install a new pusher mechanism into your nail gun.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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    • Customer:
      kelly from ROSEBURG, OR
    • Parts Used:
    • Difficulty Level:
      A Bit Difficult
    • Total Repair Time:
      15 - 30 mins
    • Tools:
      Screw drivers, Socket set
    The spring of the pusher assembly split lengthwise and curled up interfering with the nail feeding process.
    1. I removed the magazine from the gun (3 allen-head machine screws at the front of the magazine, and 1 on the bottom).
    2. The machine screw that mounts the pusher assembly requires a slender phillips with a 5/16" socket to hold the nut. I let the pusher be as far forward as it could be while still having access to the screw. The spring wants to roll up when you remove it, so remove the nut from the screw then tip the screw out of the hole keeping the screwdriver engaged in the screw head. Pay attention to the positions of the washers (I believe one goes on either side of the spring itself, and one under the nut).
    3. Once the screw is out of the hole, relax the pusher against the screwdriver and slide the whole assembly forward out of the magazine.
    4. Assembly is just the reverse of disassembly. I found it helpful to have my son operate the screwdriver while I controlled the pusher with one hand and held the magazine with the other. We put the screw onto the screwdriver and then fed it through the spring and into the mount hole (having placed the washers on it in the original sequence). Then my son simply held it in place while putting the washer and nut back onto it.
    5. Finish by remounting the magazine onto the gun with the original hardware.
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          Model Compatibility
          This part works with the following models:
          Fix Number: FIX10243457
          Manufacturer Part Number: SKN06100AV
          Model Number
          Campbell Hausfeld
          Nailer - Iron Force Framing Nailer
          Campbell Hausfeld
          Nailer - Framing Nailer
          Campbell Hausfeld
          Nailer - Framing Nailer
          Campbell Hausfeld
          Nailer - Framing Nailer