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Cappuccino Whisk Magnet

Fix Number: FIX12008384
Manufacturer #: SP0002498
Manufactured by: Breville

Product Description

This is a manufacturer-approved frothing disc, sold individually. This frothing disc creates a thick and creamy froth, suitable for cappuccinos. Slide the frothing disc onto the shaft at the base of the milk jug, ensuring the wide end is face down. Push it firmly until you hear a click. If the disc is not properly in place or it has become dislodged this can cause the milk to not swirl, a burnt milky smell, or a grinding noise. Make sure you always add ingredients slowly and in small amounts, as adding ingredients quickly can cause the disc to disengage or prevent it from spinning. The manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with warm soapy water to help it last longer. Be sure to wash and allow it to dry after each use.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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    November 23, 2021
    Hi. Are the following frothing magnetic discs in stock? I tried ordering else where but they’re not in stock. Thanks. FIX12008384 FIX12008385
    For model number BMF600XL
    Hello Susan, Thank you for the question. According to the Website Availability, this is a Special Order part. This means we do not keep them in stock and order them in from Breville once we have an order for one. As long as Breville has stock ready to ship, this takes about 10-15 Business Days for the part to arrive at the Warehouse and approximately 3-7 business days to ship out and arrive to you. We hope this helps!

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    November 15, 2021
    Do you have the original cappuccino frothing disc that came with this model? The newer model disc doesn't froth as well in my older model. I don't want to buy a new machine because this one works just fine, it's just the new frothing discs that don't work as well in this older model. I'd like to send you a photo of the disc I'm looking for. How do I do that? Thank you.
    For model number BMF600XL
    hello Yolanda, Thank you for the question. Very sorry Breville has discontinued the original and we only have access to the updated Disc. We strongly recommend you contact the manufacturer, as they would have this information in their system. Ask them for the part number you require and contact back to see if it is something we carry. We hope this helps!

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      Model Compatibility
      This part works with the following models:
      Fix Number: FIX12008384
      Manufacturer Part Number: SP0002498
      Model Number
      Miscellaneous - Milk Cafe