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Light Bulb - 40W

1156014-2-S-Whirlpool-8206443           -Light Bulb - 40W
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Part Description:
This is a high intensity 40-watt light bulb, and it is used on various kitchen appliances. This part lights up your appliance when the door is opened. The light bulb is a commonly replaced part on your microwave and range. If your light is no longer turning on, you will need a new bulb.
This part works with the following brands:
Part number cross reference:
This part works with the following products:
Microwave, Microwave Oven Combo, Range Hood, Wall Oven.

Installation Videos

Replacing your Whirlpool Microwave Light Bulb - 40W
Watch this how to video with simple, step-by-step instructions for a successful DIY repair.
Fixes the following symptoms:
  • Turntable doesn't rotate when microwave is in use
Tools used for this repair:
  • Philips screw driver
  • Utility knife

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Installation Instructions

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The handel to my microwave had come off

I had some cracks in the front panel of my Microwave and the handle had come off when I tried to open the door. So I ordered the front panel and the handle for my microwave. I preyed off the front panel by placing the the screw drivers flat end under the lip of the front panel and gently prying it away from the metal door in a few seconds the panel was off. I got the screws off the old door handle and placed the new handle and took the glass from the old panel and attached it to my new front panel then placed the end of the panel at an angle starting at the end with hinges and pressed firmly with my hand also with the door open you can place you fingers around both the frame and the front panel to squeeze together and it will fit in place. Pretty easy for a amateur. The light bulbs I just replaced them one by one

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Parts Used: Light Bulb - 40W , Exterior Door Panel , Door Handle
Difficulty Level: Really Easy
Total Repair Time: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: James from Princeton, NJ

Bulb replacement

Went really well. Took all of 20 minutes with a Phillip's screwdriver to remove the light cover.

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Parts Used: Light Bulb - 40W
Difficulty Level: Really Easy
Total Repair Time: 15 - 30 mins
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Larry from Fairfield, CA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX1156014
Manufacturer Part Number: 8206443

Brand Model Number Description
Magic Chef22FA-6KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22FK-6KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22FN-6KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22FY-6KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22JA-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22JK-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22JN-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22JY-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22M-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22MA-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22MN-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef22MW-7KLXV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FA-6CKXWV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FA-6CKXWV8-DYMicrowave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FK-6CKXWV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FK-6CKXWV8-DYMicrowave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FN-6CKXWV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FN-6CKXWV8-DYMicrowave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FS-6CKXWV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FS-6CKXWV8-DYMicrowave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FY-6CKXWV8Microwave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef24FY-6CKXWV8-DYMicrowave Oven Combo - Gas
Magic Chef28FA-6CXWV8Microwave Oven Combo
Magic Chef28FA-6CXWV8-94Microwave Oven Combo
Magic Chef28FA-6CXWV8-DZMicrowave Oven Combo
Magic Chef28FA-7CVWV8-94Microwave Oven Combo
Magic Chef28FA-7CXWV8Microwave Oven Combo
Magic Chef28FA-7CXWV8-94Microwave Oven Combo