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Primer Pump
Fix Number FIX8858167
Manufacturer Part Number 12318140630
This is a primer pump or primer bulb, and it is used on various outdoor lawn equipment. This part has an outer diameter of 0.616 inches, it is dome shaped, and transparent. The primer pump gives the engine of your machine a faster start by pulling fuel into the carburetor. If your pump is malfunctioning your machine will not receive the fuel it needs to operate properly. If you notice the primer pump is leaking you must replace it, as it could become dangerous.
Installation Instructions
Steve from Hilliard, OH
Replaced fuel line, primer,filter and hoes
In home shop
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Fuel Filter
Fix Number FIX11836543
Manufacturer Part Number A369000440
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9237390
Manufacturer Part Number V107000010
This gasket fits lawn and garden equipment. It provides a seal for the gas cap. With use, the seal can wear off and become compressed. In this case, it is best to replace the gasket. *Please note: this part is sold individually. No tools needed are needed to replace this gasket, simply remove the old one and place a new gasket inside the fuel cap.
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Clip 6
Fix Number FIX9238696
Manufacturer Part Number V490000500
This clip fits lawn and gardening tools. The clip secures the fuel filter to the fuel line on the unit. *Please note: the clip is sold separately. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
In Stock
Air Filter-Foam
Fix Number FIX9179545
Manufacturer Part Number A226000670
In Stock
Pre-Filter, Foam
Fix Number FIX9313973
Manufacturer Part Number A226000700
In Stock
Filter, Air
Fix Number FIX9179546
Manufacturer Part Number A226000690
In Stock
Washer 5
Fix Number FIX9308885
Manufacturer Part Number 90060300005
On Order
Spring Clip
Fix Number FIX9242583
Manufacturer Part Number V490000510
In Stock
Plug, Spark Ngk Cmr5H
Fix Number FIX10022281
Manufacturer Part Number 90118

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