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Fix Number FIX12511622
Manufacturer Part Number 90627870
This is a genuine OEM replacement charger for a vacuum, sold individually. If your vacuum is no longer charging or is not charging as efficiently as it once did, the charger may be malfunctioning. Use this charger only in a standard electrical outlet (120V/60Hz). While charging it is normal and perfectly safe for the charger to get warm. It is also safe to leave the appliance connected to the charger indefinitely. The charger will automatically limit the power consumption once the charge is full.
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Shoulder Bag
Fix Number FIX12004071
Manufacturer Part Number 610004-01
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Fix Number FIX10170531
Manufacturer Part Number 383994-00
Installation Instructions
Craig from FREMONT, CA
Always on equal a safety issue.
The switch has a spring tension so that the default condition is in the off position. The trigger moves the switch to the on position when the user grips the trigger mechanism and provides an active resistance to the spring portion of the switch, enabling power to the hedge trimmer motor. There are six to seven torx T15 screws that, when removed, enables the unit to separate into equal parts, exposing the internal trigger mechanism and the switch. The replacement drops right in after removing the old switch. Re connect the electrical connectors to the new switch. Re align the the two halves and tighten the torx screws. The hedge trimmer is then good to go! Read more...
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Brush and Holder (Sold Individually)
Fix Number FIX10165739
Manufacturer Part Number 132254-07
This is a genuine carbon brush with the holder, sold as one part. If your equipment requires two carbon brushes and holders, you will need to add two to cart. The carbon brush and holder are responsible for transferring electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. If your equipment will not start, the most common reason for this is due to a worn brush. This repair has taken most of our customers less than fifteen minutes to complete and is considered easy to medium difficulty. For this repair you will need screwdriver.
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Fix Number FIX12164184
Manufacturer Part Number 90640340
Genuine Manufacturer Sourced replacement part used on some Black and Decker Power Tools. This item is sold individually. Purchasing a charger will be less expensive than buying a new tool. Please note that a weak or defective battery can damage the charger. Weak batteries are batteries with bad cells. These type of batteries will not hold a charge. It will send a message to the charger to keep charging. This will eventually cause the charger to overheat and potentially smoke.
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Filter Bag
Fix Number FIX10254135
Manufacturer Part Number 90558113
This is a single OEM filter bag (cloth filter) for vacuums. This part is located behind the pre-filter, preventing dust and dirt from making their way to the motor and causing damage to it. It can be cleaned by gently blowing air through it or by washing it with warm soapy water and dried completely before reinstalling. For regular use, it is recommended to be replaced every 6-9 months. To separate the cloth filter from the plastic filter, twist the plastic filter in a clockwise direction. When replacing the filter, slide the outer plastic filter over the filter bag, align the wings of the plastic filter with the grooves in the filter bag and twist counterclockwise. Place the filters back into the bowl while pressing firmly to ensure it is secure. Please note that you should never operate your vacuum without either filter.
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Shoulder Bag
Fix Number FIX12004406
Manufacturer Part Number 90560020-01
This is an authentic shoulder bag for a leaf blower, sold individually. This shoulder bag is black in color and is designed to hold the largest number of leaves possible before disposal. This bag has a shoulder strap included to help evenly distribute weight and a zipper opening to make emptying quick and easy. If the suction has decreased and the bag is not completely full, check that the tube is clear. If the bag has torn or is otherwise damaged, this is a quick and easy replacement. To replace, depress the release button on the power head and pull it straight off. Attach the new collection bag to the power head and your repair is complete.
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Fix Number FIX12004687
Manufacturer Part Number 90592363-01
This is an OEM 18v NiCad battery charger used in various model types, such as drills, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, etc. This part includes the charger only. When the battery is placed in the charger, a red-light indicator will come on, telling you there is a connection between the battery and charger. This light remains on while it is connected to a power source. It will not turn off, flash, or change color once the charge is complete.
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Fix Number FIX12505327
Manufacturer Part Number 90558113-01
This product includes one re-usable manufacturer-approved cloth filter. Even though the filter is re-usable, the manufacturer recommends replacing it every six to nine months depending on how often the vacuum is used. You may want to consider having a few extra on-hand. The filter is located inside the dust bowl and can be accessed by pressing the release button and pulling the bowl straight off. You can then pull out the filter from the bowl. The new filter can be placed into the bowl by pressing it firmly until it is secured in place. To keep the filter well-maintained, it can be washed gently with warm soapy water, being sure to let it fully dry before placing it back into the vacuum.
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Blow Tube Assembly.
Fix Number FIX12004226
Manufacturer Part Number 90519931
Installation Instructions
leonard from HINCKLEY, MN
needed new blower tubes and grill
grill - unattach the leaf vac tube by pressing button
first i unattached the leaf vac tube by pushing/pressing indicated button. then i attached grill into place by pushing/pressing indicated button until it snapped into place.

blow tube - since the leaf blow tube was not attached only had to attach the two leaf blow tubes together first, then i attached the combined leaf blow tubes by pushing/pressing the new leaf vac tubes into place unitl it snapped into place.essing button.
- attached

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