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Fix Number FIX10254180
Manufacturer Part Number 90566944
This is an OEM spring located between the spool and spool cover of your trimmer. It is designed to hold the spool in position. This spring can lose tension over time and may cause the trimmer head to feed too much line or not feed any line at all, indicating the need for a new spring. The spring applies pressure to the spool, pulling it firmly next to the top of the trimmer head and lever. The lever is what regulates the amount of line coming out of the spool. This repair could not be any easier, simply remove the trimmer head cap by pushing down on the two tabs on either side. This will expose the spring, which you will see positioned onto a tab on the cap, and can just be pulled off, and a new one can be installed in its place.
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Fix Number FIX9011702
Manufacturer Part Number 532105709
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Spring Drive
Fix Number FIX9015261
Manufacturer Part Number 532196105
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Spring-Choke Return
Fix Number FIX9294414
Manufacturer Part Number 690354
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Fix Number FIX9287069
Manufacturer Part Number 532197026
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Fix Number FIX11858670
Manufacturer Part Number 679073001
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Spring-Air Vane
Fix Number FIX9148751
Manufacturer Part Number 790849
In Stock
Spring--Governor Link
Fix Number FIX9074265
Manufacturer Part Number 691842
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Fix Number FIX9023100
Manufacturer Part Number 532419948
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Fix Number FIX9065582
Manufacturer Part Number 691855