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Fix Number FIX12443187
Manufacturer Part Number 385022-03N
This is an OEM replacement cover for a string trimmer or edger. The cover holds the spool and line securely inside the spool housing. If this part has cracked or damaged, it will need to be replaced. When removing this part, make sure the trimmer is unplugged, release the tabs by pressing them down with your fingers, and pull it straight off. Place the new cover on by simply snapping it into place. This plastic cover is sold individually.
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Brush, Shunted
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Fix Number FIX9927365
Manufacturer Part Number 242273-00
This shunted brush is a carbon motor brush with a shunt wire. It is sold separately, however your lawnmower will have two of these, so you should consider replacing both at the same time. These two shunted carbon brushes are attached to the motor. They are in continuous contact with the spinning commutator, so they tend to wear over the use of your equipment. Replacing these brushes should be part of your regular maintenance. When the brushes are worn, this can stop the motor from being able to turn on or only turn on occasionally. A malfunctioning armature can act much the same way, so it is important to inspect it as well.
Installation Instructions
Kevin from ALCOVE, NY
Lacking power and wheel wobbles
Wheel replacement requires prying the locking ring off, removing old and reinstalling new wheel, then hammering locking ring back on.
Brush replacement requires removal of the plastic housing of the mower, it doesn't come off all the way due to handle still being on but does move enough to reach in and work. On top of the electric motor are the 2 brushes under cover pieces. For each brush; remove cover held on by 1 screw, pull out spring retaining holder with brush, cut or pry open old crimp, then crimp new brush to wire, install new brush in spring holder, install in motor, reinstall cover. Final step is to reinstall plastic housing and tighten all the screws.
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Blade Insulator
Fix Number FIX9927054
Manufacturer Part Number 241381-01
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Fix Number FIX9872253
Manufacturer Part Number 092715-00
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Fix Number FIX9926821
Manufacturer Part Number 241125-00
This is an OEM replacement part for use with lawn mower. The fan is attached to the blade and is used to divert the grass clippings away from the engine compartment. This fan is made of durable plastic. This part is sold separately.
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Fix Number FIX9927353
Manufacturer Part Number 242207-00
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Fix Number FIX9927366
Manufacturer Part Number 242274-00
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Fix Number FIX9996376
Manufacturer Part Number 680812-00
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Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX10022830
Manufacturer Part Number 90561895
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Fix Number FIX9986140
Manufacturer Part Number 624374-00

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