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Kit, Fuel Line
Fix Number FIX10041190
Manufacturer Part Number A201153
This is an authentic Southland replacement part. This fuel line replacement kit has everything you need to successfully replace the fuel line. The fuel line is a vital part of a working engine; it helps fuel get from the fuel tank to the engine. This part is commonly used in augers. Installation requires a pair of pliers for the clamps on the line.
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Fuel Tank
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10041172
Manufacturer Part Number A201123
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Blade, Earth
Fix Number FIX10041201
Manufacturer Part Number A201181
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Gasket, Carburetor
Fix Number FIX10041163
Manufacturer Part Number A201111
In Stock
Assembly. Air Filter
Fix Number FIX10041165
Manufacturer Part Number A201113
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Fix Number FIX10041164
Manufacturer Part Number A201112
This is a genuine Southland replacement part. The carburetor is responsible for regulating the amount of fuel and air that make it to the engine; this ensures the fuel is burning properly in your auger. Commonly you will replace the carburetor when it is clogged and cleaning is not effective. Signs your carburetor needs to be replaced are that the engine is not running properly, it is not running at all, it will not stay running, it is difficult to start, or if it emits a lot of smoke. In order to successfully replace this part we suggest that as you remove the old carburetor pay attention to the order and placement of the parts you are removing, when reassembling reverse the removal order. When you are finished replacing the carburetor be sure to inspect all connections before running. Place only a small amount of fuel in the tank while testing the new carburetor.
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Gasket, Isolator
Fix Number FIX10041160
Manufacturer Part Number A201108
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Isolator, Carburetor
Fix Number FIX10041161
Manufacturer Part Number A201109
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Fishtail Point
Fix Number FIX10041199
Manufacturer Part Number A201179
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Spring, Auger Bit
Fix Number FIX10041204
Manufacturer Part Number A201185
This is a genuine OEM Southland replacement part. The spring attaches to the auger bit and acts as a shock absorber, it helps to keep you and your equipment safe when you run into obstructions. This spring help eliminate a lot of the unwanted movement while you are operating your equipment. This spring is metal and commonly used in augers.

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