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Sink Flange Gasket/Seal

Sink Flange Gasket/Seal – Part Number: WP4211302
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Food Waste Disposer.

Installation Instructions

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There were 2 problems. KitchenAid does not have installation instructions for this model. One step in the take down/installation wwas tough.

I found that while KitchenAid did not have any info on KCD1250S1, it did have instructions for KCBD250S1 and the two are very similar. so I used those instructions - which were not as complete as one would like, but with some experimentation they gave me enough clues that it worked. First, do not remove the red cover or the Styrofoam that is underneath the plastic. Second, the removal of the disposal was easy once I learned that the key was to stick a Allen head screwdriver into one of the round metal openings that hide above the red plastic cover. Then shove the screwdriver (which will rotate the metal fitting) clockwise when you are underneath looking upward. Catch the heavy disposal when it decides to come loose. Do everything to get the new parts into place, it's easy. Put the Flange, seals and brackets in place and tighten the screws. The next step is putting the screwdriver into one of the rotating flange metal holes, then forcing the heavy disposal completely up into the flange fitting (I had to look down through the sink drain hole and guess where everything really was), and shoving the screwdriver (rotate the flange) counter clockwise, again when looking up from beneath the disposal. I suspect that if you do this a few times it gets easier. It now works perfectly.

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Parts Used: Splash Guard , Sink Flange Gasket/Seal , Strainer Flange
Difficulty Level: A Bit Difficult
Total Repair Time: 1- 2 hours
Tools: Screw drivers
Customer: Greg from Ridgefield, WA
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX11742343
Manufacturer Part Number: WP4211302

Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAid4KBDS250S0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KBDS250T1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KBDS250T4Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KBDS250T5Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KCDS250S0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KCDS250T1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid4KCDS250T2Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCD1250V0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDB250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDB250T1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDC250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDI250V0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDS250V0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid6KCDS250V1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KBDS250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KBDS250T1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCD250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDB250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDB250T1Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDC250S0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDC250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDS250T0Food Waste Disposer
KitchenAid7KCDS250T1Food Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC1000PEFood Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC1000XEFood Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC2000XEFood Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC2000XPFood Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC3000XEFood Waste Disposer
WhirlpoolGC4000XEFood Waste Disposer
KitchenAidKBDS100T0Food Waste Disposer