( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Single Felt Pad

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Fix Number: FIX11742772
Manufacturer #: WP500092
Manufactured by: Whirlpool

Product Description

This pad is used for many clothes dryers. It is made of a felt material and it is a little over an inch long.

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Noisy dryer from an obvious part(s) failure.
Removed eight ?" screws (8A X 3/8 Hex Washer Head Tapping) starting with two at bottom kick panel, then two at dryer door panel; disconnect electrical connectors to release door panel from dryer body; remove four screws from dryer opening bulkhead to expose drum and blower impeller; remove two screws securing top dryer panel to side panels; reach inside right lower access to release dryer belt from idler wheel; lift top panel a little while pulling out bulky drum. Vacuum the heck out of the inside. Even better, do all this outside and take compressed air to the inside. Because this dryer was 19 years old, all three rollers (drum, idler wheel), guides (2), felts(2), and belt were replaced. The noise was caused by seized rollers but all rubber on rollers and belt was cracking, so best to change such old worn out parts. Don't forget to lube all shafts with oil (plumbers silicone best), then reassemble...js
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