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Filter- A/C Cartridge

Filter- A/C Cartridge – Part Number: 491588S
Filter- A/C Cartridge – Part Number: 491588S and Stratton/0647-0_WW_2.gif
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Part Description:
This is a filter cartridge for the air filter in various lawn equipment. The filter removes dirt, dust, and other debris from entering the carburetor, and contaminating the engine. If the engine in your machine is not operating properly, a dirty air filter could be the cause. This is a commonly replaced part, depending on usage we recommend checking it after a full season of use. You may clean this part once or twice using an air supply to keep it functioning properly. However, when it becomes dirty it must be changed.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Engine, Lawn Mower, Generator.

Installation Instructions

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Change the filter and foam

Loosen the black screw on side of mower and remove the filter and foam. Insert both the same way old ones were positioned, paper part of filter pointing away from the side of mower, and foam with sponge side against paper part on filter. (Screen side of foam facing out) Tighten the screw and you're finished.

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Parts Used: Filter- A/C Cartridge , Filter-A/C Foam
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
Total Repair Time: Less than 15 mins
Customer: Gene from Meridian, MS
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Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX8987387
Manufacturer Part Number: 491588S

Brand Model Number Description
Briggs and Stratton0647-0Generator - 2,000 Watt Portable Generator
Briggs and Stratton080201-2233-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-1835-99Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-1836-99Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-1864-99Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-1898-99Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2201-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2204-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2209-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2212-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2213-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2219-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2221-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2221-02Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2225-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2227-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2227-02Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2234-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2234-02Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2235-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2237-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2238-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2238-02Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2240-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2244-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2249-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2251-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2251-02Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2255-01Engine - Engine
Briggs and Stratton080202-2256-01Engine - Engine