See part F6 in the diagram
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Control Panel with Touchpad

Fix Number: FIX2379423
Manufacturer #: 5304475578
Manufactured by: Frigidaire

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Questions and Answers

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    • Customer:
      Fred from Ojai, CA
    • Parts Used:
      5304507354, 5304475578
    • Difficulty Level:
    • Total Repair Time:
      30 - 60 mins
    • Tools:
      Screw drivers
    The detergent dispenser had broken and moisture caused the control panel to stop working
    I accessed the videos provided and was able to replace both the detergent dispenser and control panel easily. The repair would have been a lot easier but the moisture inside the door had caused rust around the detergent dispenser. Once I removed the rust I replaced the detergent dispenser and control panel. The parts fit perfectly and the dishwasher works great. We didn't have to replace the entire unit.
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      This part works with the following models:
      Fix Number: FIX2379423
      Manufacturer Part Number: 5304475578
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