Part Location Diagram of WP7403P876-60 Whirlpool Vent Fan Control Switch
See part 16 in the diagram
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Vent Fan Control Switch

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Fix Number: FIX11744497
Manufacturer #: WP7403P876-60
Manufactured by: Whirlpool

Product Description

Downdraft vent fan control switch activates and controls the speed of the downdraft fan motor in the cooktop.

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  • Customer:
    Cyndy K. from Virginia Beach, VA
  • Difficulty Level:
    Really Easy
  • Total Repair Time:
    15 - 30 mins
  • Tools:
    Screw drivers
Broke off knob stem and all!
First turn off power to unit and the gas. This was very easy. Used a screwdriver to remove the screws on the side I believe there were 4 of them. Removed all knobs for the gas. Lift up glass part carefully remove 2 screws on metal plate. Remove the nut on top of the fan switch and save. You will need to reuse. The switch did not match the one I have but it worked perfectly. Remove the metal clips from old switch and put on new switch. I turned power back on while still apart just to be sure it worked. Then I just reversed everything I did. Just be sure that you put the knob on before you put everything back to be sure how to attach switch on plate. I did it backwards the first try. This was a very easy thing to do. Sure saved me a lot of money. What really took me the longest was cleaning under the knobs while I was working. I had never removed the knobs and cleaned under them. I recommend you do this often!
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Model Compatibility
This part works with the following models:
Fix Number: FIX11744497
Manufacturer Part Number: WP7403P876-60
Model Number
Cooktop - Gas
Cooktop - Gas
Cooktop - Gas