Knaack Cabinet Watchman IV Lock System 7286-1PK |

Watchman IV Lock System

Watchman IV Lock System – Part Number: 7286-1PK
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Part Description:
This is a lock system for your cabinet or work bench. It comes with 3 small parts, and may also be known as the lock tab kit. It includes a bolt, a nut, and the padlock tab that will secure the padlock in place. This assembly is for chests/cabinets made in 2001 and after, with a dead-bolt lock system. The package includes installation instructions.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Cabinet, Workbench.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX10400428
Manufacturer Part Number: 7286-1PK

Brand Model Number Description
Knaack100Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack109Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack111Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack112Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack119Cabinet - Mobile Heavy Duty Field Station
Knaack129Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack139Cabinet - Jobmaster Cabinets
Knaack2472Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack32Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack36Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack40Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack42Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack44Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack45Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack47Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack48Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack4824Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack4830Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack49Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack50Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack53Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack54Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack55Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack57Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack58Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack59Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack60Cabinet - Jobmaster Chest
Knaack62Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack63Workbench - Rolling Work Bench
Knaack69Cabinet - Storagemaster Chest