Husqvarna Brush Cutter Air Purge 503936601 |

Air Purge

Air Purge – Part Number: 503936601
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Part Description:
This is an air purge for various lawn and garden equipment. The air purge may also be known as the primer bulb, and it is made for small engines. This part circulates fuel into the carburetor of your machine to help start the engine.
This part works with the following brands:
This part works with the following products:
Brush Cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Chainsaw, Trimmer, Pole Saw, Leaf Blower / Vacuum, Edger.

Model Cross Reference List

This part works with the following models:

Fix Number: FIX9282918
Manufacturer Part Number: 503936601

Brand Model Number Description
Husqvarna123LTrimmer - String Trimmer
Husqvarna135RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna223LHedge Trimmer - 18 In. Straight Gas Trimmer
Husqvarna223RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna225Gas Engine Drill - Ice Auger
Husqvarna225BLeaf Blower / Vacuum - Handheld Leaf Blower
Husqvarna225BXLeaf Blower / Vacuum - Blower
Husqvarna225H60Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Trimmer
Husqvarna225H75Hedge Trimmer - Hedge Trimmer
Husqvarna225HBVLeaf Blower / Vacuum - Blower
Husqvarna225RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna225RDBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna225RJBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna227LTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna227LDTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna227RTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna227RDTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna227RJBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna232LTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna232RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna232RDBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna235FRBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna235RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna235RIIBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna240LTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna240RJBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna241RBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna241RJBrush Cutter - Brushcutter
Husqvarna322CTrimmer - Line Trimmer
Husqvarna322LTrimmer - Line Trimmer