Refrigerator Legs and Feet

Popular Refrigerator Legs and Feet

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Foot Brake
Fix Number FIX11748978
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10141622
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Adjustable Leveling Foot - Black
Fix Number FIX425733
Manufacturer Part Number 216396900
This is an adjustable foot for your freezer, refrigerator, and dryer. This part supports your unit by screwing into one of the bottom four corners, and adjusting the height of your machine. If your appliance is lopsided, the adjustable foot can fix that. Because the foot is shaped like a screw, it will simply twist into place without any tools. This part is sold individually.
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Refrigerator Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX12705443
Manufacturer Part Number 5304519032
The levelling leg supports the refrigerator. Adjust the height of the levelling leg to make the refrigerator level.
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Leg Assembly,Adjust
Fix Number FIX3523585
Manufacturer Part Number 4779JA3001E
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Dishwasher/Portable Washer Roller
Fix Number FIX11741296
Manufacturer Part Number WP3370639
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Cabinet Roller - Front and Rear
Fix Number FIX11748930
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10138054
Sold individually.
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Leveling Leg
Fix Number FIX557020
Manufacturer Part Number 8193716
Leveling leg Now includes two different sizes. Use the one for your model. If you need two legs you will need to purchase a QTY of two of this kit.
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Fix Number FIX11753210
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10340017
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Fix Number FIX8727619
Manufacturer Part Number 00612791
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Fix Number FIX8728382
Manufacturer Part Number 00618553