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Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap
Fix Number FIX11743131
Manufacturer Part Number WP61002112
This is an end cap for the shelf retainer bar on your fridge door. This genuine OEM part is white in color and made of plastic. The end cap can be used for either the left or right side of the retainer bar. If an end cap is damaged, the retainer bar may not stay in place. No tools are required to replace this part, as it snaps into place on the fridge door. Please note that this part is sold individually, so if you need to replace both end caps be sure to order the correct quantity.
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Crisper Frame Support
Fix Number FIX11738556
Manufacturer Part Number WP12603701
Support for the crisper or shelf frame.
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Door Shelf Retainer Bar
Fix Number FIX11775297
Manufacturer Part Number W11045462
This refrigerator door shelf trim is approximately 28 inches long. It is all white in color, and it is made entirely of metal. NOTE: The image may not be of the exact product but will function properly.
Special Order
Door Shelf Retainer
Fix Number FIX2076360
Manufacturer Part Number 70197-1
This is an authentic OEM replacement part. This door shelf retainer is designed for use with refrigerators. There is one retainer on each side of the shelf holding the retaining bar in place. This replacement part is sold individually, if you need to replace both retainers you will need to order two. The door shelf retainer is easy to install it simply snaps into place. This replacement part is made of plastic, and it is white in color.
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Shelf Trim End Cap
Fix Number FIX2071131
Manufacturer Part Number 67208-3
Sold individually.
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Freezer Shelf Support
Fix Number FIX11747827
Manufacturer Part Number WPC8973801
This part is the replacement shelf support for your refrigerator/freezer. It is made of white plastic and is approximately 1 inch by 1 inch. The shelf support attaches to the side of your refrigerator wall and supports the shelf. If your shelf is sagging or will not stay in place, you may need to replace the support. To replace the support, use a wrench to turn the support clockwise until you can use a flat blade screwdriver to pop it out. Push the new support into the hole left by the old one until it is flush with the liner, then use the wrench to turn it clockwise until it locks in. This part is sold individually and is and OEM part.
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Shelf Trim End Cap
Fix Number FIX2071135
Manufacturer Part Number 67211-2
Sold individually.
Special Order
Crisper Frame - NO Glass
Fix Number FIX11743592
Manufacturer Part Number WP67004531
Glass is NOT included. This is the Frame only.
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Pick Off Shelf Hook - Left Side
Fix Number FIX2070659
Manufacturer Part Number 67043-5
This part connects to the pick off shelf on the refrigerator door.
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Egg Tray
Fix Number FIX11743588
Manufacturer Part Number WP67004411
This is a genuine OEM replacement part. This egg tray is designed for use with refrigerators. This tray fits inside a compartment on the door of your refrigerator, and it holds up to fourteen eggs. This egg tray also features a handle. This replacement part is made of plastic, it is white in color, and it is sold individually.

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