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Cooking Tray
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX248248
Manufacturer Part Number WB39X10003
This part actually measures 12.5" in diameter and may be smaller than the original tray. This tray is rotated when the microwave is turned on.
Fixes these symptoms
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Turntable Roller Guide
1 Review
Fix Number FIX952323
Manufacturer Part Number WB06T10012
This roller is located underneath the glass turntable. With the help of the motor, this roller helps to rotate the glass tray. This part takes the place of the coupling.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX1016203
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10625
In Stock
SHAFT Assembly
Fix Number FIX1016776
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10693
Fixes these symptoms
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Microwave Metal Turntable Tray
Fix Number FIX3499648
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X10228
The turntable tray rotates in the center of the microwave to help ensure the food cooks evenly.
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Non-Stick Metal Tray/Pan
Fix Number FIX5573506
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X10240
In Stock
Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX250259
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X690
In Stock
Metal Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX8690589
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X10241
Non Stick.
Glass Cooking Tray
Fix Number FIX1018319
Manufacturer Part Number WB49X10166
This tray rotates in your microwave ensuring more even temperatures.
Fix Number FIX227932
Manufacturer Part Number WB06X10219
Also known as rotating ring assembly.
Fixes these symptoms

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