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Fix Number FIX11754856
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10446781
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Idler Spring with Rubber Dampener
Fix Number FIX2036150
Manufacturer Part Number 33002459
This part is the replacement idler spring and rubber dampener for your dryer. The package comes with both the spring and the dampener. The spring is made of metal and is approximately 4 inches long from end to end. The dampener is made of black rubber and is approximately 1 inch long and 1 inch in diameter. The idler spring puts tension on the belt, so the drum can turn. The main reason you would want to replace the idler spring is if your dryer is noisy and will not tumble, and you discover that the spring is broken. Be sure to disconnect your dryer from the power source before you begin this repair. This part is an authentic OEM part from the manufacturer.
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Timer Knob Spring
Fix Number FIX11738863
Manufacturer Part Number WP211065
This timer knob spring is almost an inch and a half long, and is not quite an inch in diameter. It is made of metal and is used with the timer knobs of both washers and dryers.
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Idler Pulley Spring
Fix Number FIX11742854
Manufacturer Part Number WP56076
At just two and a half inches, this metal spring fits onto the arm of the idler pulley assembly of gas and electric clothes dryers.
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Spring, Regulator
Fix Number FIX11743789
Manufacturer Part Number WP694422
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Fix Number FIX11764562
Manufacturer Part Number W10726027
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Door Spring
Fix Number FIX11748045
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10041960
Sold individually.
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Spring, Lint Screen Door
Fix Number FIX11741474
Manufacturer Part Number WP3394986
Special Order
Fix Number FIX972120
Manufacturer Part Number 8182493
Fix Number FIX10062260
Manufacturer Part Number W10645577

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