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Heating Element Connection Wire Kit
Fix Number FIX334206
Manufacturer Part Number 279457
This heating element connection wire kit is a genuine OEM replacement for your electric dryer. The kit is used to connect the thermostat to the heater element. The kit comes with a yellow wire nut and a wire that measures approximately 5 inches in length. If your dryer is getting little to no heat, or is taking too long to dry, you may need to replace this connection wire. Please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your dryer before replacing this part.
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Terminal Block - Block Only
Fix Number FIX11741489
Manufacturer Part Number WP3397659
This part is an electrical connector where you can attach wires. This part does NOT included the wires, screws, and nuts. Must be order separately
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Terminal Block
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11741048
Manufacturer Part Number WP33001244
This terminal block assembly does not come with any hardware. It it three inches long and made of plastic and metal.
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Wiring Harness
Fix Number FIX11752344
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10298258
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Terminal and Wire Kit
Fix Number FIX334181
Manufacturer Part Number 279318
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Moisture Sensor Wire Harness
Fix Number FIX11741707
Manufacturer Part Number WP3406653
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Heating Element Terminal & Insulator Kit
Fix Number FIX1760665
Manufacturer Part Number Y304596
This kit comes with two ceramic insulators.
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Terminal Block
Fix Number FIX11743293
Manufacturer Part Number WP61923
This part is connected to the rear bulkhead of the dryer with screws. It provides a way of connecting individual electrical wires and offers protection of the device from electrical surges (voltages and/or currents).
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Fix Number FIX11743010
Manufacturer Part Number WP596797
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Fix Number FIX350085
Manufacturer Part Number 3936144

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